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Secgen focuses on regulatory topics. We offer our full range of consulting services covering analyses of national and international legal implications, existing and potential political landscape and relationships between business and public administration, EU institutions as well as international organizations.

Our problem solving approach takes into consideration potential risks and uncertainties (related among others to climate change) with its regional and local impact.

Our team consists of experts in foreign affairs, public administration, EU institutions, NGOs and private sector. We have extensive expertise in conducting international negotiations and drafting legislation at the national and European level.
We advise based on our past experience, administrative know-how and our extensive national and international network.

Strategic consulting

In an uncertain world we steer you towards safe harbours. We support our clients by providing in-depth analysis of the political processes in Brussels and key European capitals, informal arrangements by the EU institutions, legislative trends and prospective Presidencies’ plans.

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Legislation screening

Through the monitoring of working groups, parliamentary committees and informal like-minded groups as well as relevant press releases – we are able to deliver up-to-date analysis of the overall decision-making process in relation to specific portfolio.

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Policy analysis

Secgen prepares customized analysis of the political, legal and organizational processes that are pending within the country, EU and key world decision-making capitals.

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EU advocacy

We propose and support sound arguments. Our tailor-made sectoral strategy includes suggestions on how to make our clients’ voice heard in various settings: decision-making circles, organizations, committees or working groups.

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Project management

The Secgen team is experienced in designing, submitting and implementing projects founded by the EU and other international organizations.

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Trainings and coaching

We offer individually designed coaching programmes. Secgen delivers coaching sessions on national and EU decision-making process and procedures, various EU sectoral policies and issues.

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