EU advocacy

We propose and support sound arguments.

Our tailor-made sectoral strategy includes suggestions on how to make our clients’ voice heard in various settings: decision-making circles, organizations, committees or working groups.

We thoroughly analyze the roles played by different institutions during the decision-making process: the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament. We always incorporate the national perspective in relation to particular responsibilities or negotiation positions.

We build effective relationship with the institutional stakeholders and simultaneously support the process of setting-up and promoting clients’ own clear and convincing messages of political and regulatory character.

We help our clients create individual communication strategies as well. We offer to represent the clients at conferences, business meetings and working groups in Brussels, Warsaw and other major capitals.

Our goal is to connect the interested parties through consultation meetings and stakeholder roundtables, bringing together representatives of public institutions, business, non-governmental organizations and the academic community.

How can we help?

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